A Climate Challenge


Chula Vista residents and business owners know about the City’s efforts to became more sustainable, to save energy and water, to promote composting and, most of all, to keep our beautiful City healthy and clean, now and for future generations.  City efforts are always improving to better the experience of residents and visitors with the environment in mind.  By adding the Smart Cities initiative to the overarching goal, the City aspires to combine the use of technology with energy efficiency and to improve the quality of life for all the residents.

The hope for the City is to engage residents and businesses even further by asking them to participate actively in climate action by making changes in their daily routine to conserve energy and water and to divert waste from the landfill.

Chula Vista Climate Action Challenge.  The City of Chula Vista has a long history of taking actions to fight climate change, from adopting the region’s first Climate Action Plan in 2000 to the 2017 Climate Action Plan’s goal of utilizing 100% clean electricity by 2035. These early actions have shown results, such as the 55% reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from municipal operations 8% lower than 2014 reduction in emissions from the larger community. But more is needed to meet our 2020 goals, as well as state and national goals. Building on our City’s recent successful participation in the Georgetown University Energy Prize, where the City received the award for First in Overall Energy Savings, the City is eager to show the nation what our residents can do to make an impact.  The City launched the Chula Vista Climate Acton Challenge website in April 2019 as a community effort to work together to reduce GHG emission and continue our City’s fight against climate change.  Since its launch, more than 120 households have joined and taken over 100 actions and 7 community groups have been formed.

Through the Chula Vista Climate Action Challenge, the City strives to promote actions and technologies to help reduce GHG emissions and improve residents’ quality of life, like improved air quality and lowering utility bills. This new website allows residents to create a profile, learn about possible actions to take to reduce GHG emissions and earn points for completing everyday actions. The website also allows users to create or join a community group so they can encourage their family, friends and neighbors living in Chula Vista to join their climate action journey. Points will be totaled and presented on a leader board that shows which neighborhoods and community groups have the most points, just like the high score board in an arcade. Interested Chula Vista residents can join at www.chulavistaca.gov/clean by clicking on the Chula Vista Climate Action Challenge link or logo to create their account.  Residents can also participate in an existing community group meeting on March 21st at Hilltop High from 10 AM until 2 PM.  Community group members will be helping new members enroll and will lead discussions on actions.  There will also be a screening of the documentary “Before the Flood”.   More information can be found in the events page of the challenge website above.

FREE Recycling Containers for Chula Vista Businesses. Save your business money while helping the environment. The City of Chula Vista’s Recycling Program is here to help your business reduce waste by increasing your recycling collection. The program offers Chula Vista businesses FREE recycling containers of varying size, recycling posters, delivery and employee training.

 Any Chula Vista business that occupies a commercial property is eligible to participate. This program is not available to home-based businesses.

To participate, visit www.chulavistaca.gov/clean where you’ll find the Free Recycling Containers application on the front page of the website  Then, simply complete and submit the form online. If you prefer a paper application please contact Martie Solomon, Recycling Specialist at (619) 409-5844 or email environmentalservices@chulavistaca.gov.

Advantages of recycling at your business

 Your clients want you to be green – Attract new customers, enhance your chances of winning contracts and improve customer loyalty by demonstrating your environmental responsibility through recycling

  1. Possible reduction in disposal costs – Recycling can help you reduce the volume of material you’re putting in the trash. Less trash, lower cost – why throw away your money?
  2. Environmental benefits – Recycling keeps valuable, recyclable resources out of the landfill so fewer natural resources are extracted, resulting in less harm to the environment.

Don’t trash a good thing, recycle it! For more information about FREE recycling containers for Chula Vista businesses please email environmentalservices@chulavistaca.gov or call 619-409-5844.

Create a NatureScape on Your Property. The City of Chula Vista relaunched the NatureScape Program, thanks to recent grants from Sweetwater Authority’s Water Efficiency Education Program (WEEP). The relaunch of the NatureScape Program began in 2018 with the goal of educating Chula Vista residents and businesses on the five key steps of natural yard care. The program also encourages creating a NatureScape on their property to provide a beneficial habitat for bees, birds and other wildlife while conserving precious resources, especially water. The five steps of natural yard care include:  1) building healthy soils by applying compost; 2) planting right for your site; 3) WaterSmart irrigation; 4) toxic-free alternatives for pest control; and 5) natural lawn care-grasscycling. This approach takes a bit more planning but over time offers significant savings in labor and water costs.

The City’s partnership with Sweetwater Authority has resulted in the development of a website – www.chulavistaca.gov/naturescape – that provides numerous online learning opportunities via links and resources. A full-color brochure was created to educate citizens and showcase the NatureScape Program. The City will be hosting two NatureScape workshops In the spring of 2020 – check the NatureScape website for more info and to register for an event.

  • April 18th at the Civic Center Library – online registration preferred but walk ins welcome.
  • May 9th at the South Bay Botanical Garden at Southwestern College – online registration only, limited to 40 people.

In the years to come, the City hopes that those who create a NatureScape may serve as demonstration gardens throughout Chula Vista. Residents, schools, organizations or businesses who create a NatureScape may be eligible to receive designation of their yard as a Certified Wildlife Habitat by the National Wildlife Federation.

For more information visit the website or contact the Conservation Section at conservation@chulavistaca.gov or 619-409-3893, or Bob Coleman, Sustainability Specialist, at rcoleman@chulavistaca.gov or (619) 476-5332.

GO by BIKE Grant.  The City of Chula Vista Economic Development department and Sweetwater Authority were awarded the SANDAG 2020 GO by BIKE Mini-Grant on January 31, 2020.  Office of Sustainability staff and Sweetwater staff plan to use the newly awarded funds ($3,000.00) to promote bicycling in the community and educate residents about bike safety in Chula Vista throughout spring 2020.

Specific events include:

  • South Bay Earth Day, April 4th  at Memorial Park – Children’s bicycle rodeo and a family bike and learn ride to the event along the Bayshore Bikeway
  • April 30th – Lunch and Learn – Learn about bicycle safety and bike routes.  RSVP to blocci@chulavistaca.gov
  • Bike to Work Day on May 14th – Host a rest stop for this annual regional event
  • Bike Lanes on Broadway on June 28 – Bicycle ride through the new bike lanes on Broadway and event




The San Diego Bicycle Coalition will assist with the bicycle rodeo, guided tour of the Bayshore Bikeway, Lunch and Learn and the Bike Lanes on Broadway event.  There will be prizes for adults and children.

Promoting alternative transportation like bicycling helps reduce carbon emissions in the region and assists City staff in the implementation of the 2017 Climate Action Plan.

Please contact Conservation Specialist Barbara Locci at blocci@chulavistaca.gov if you have any questions.