ARYA Cleaners Cuts the Ribbon

Sassan Rahimzadeh, right, owner of ARYA Cleaners.
Sassan Rahimzadeh, right, owner of ARYA Cleaners.

On Thursday, June 22nd at 5:00pm, ARYA Cleaners celebrated the grand re-opening of their 24/7 Store in Village Park- Eastlake. After years of updates, ARYA Cleaners celebrated the reopening of its newest 24/7 store, at Eastlake Village Marketplace (Target shopping center) showcasing the newest technologies available in the dry cleaning industry. Most Chula Vista residents have most likely visited one of the four branches of ARYA Cleaners here in East Chula Vista. But did you know that ARYA Cleaners actually serves all of San Diego County? You are bound to see ARYA Cleaners storefronts and delivery vans all over Chula Vista as well as the rest of the county.

The ceremonies were set to spotlight Chula Vista Mayor John McCann as the guest of
honor. However, other community leaders, such as Mr. Kevin Marshall
of Copy Link, Mr. Jim Biddle, Mr. Michael Monaco, Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Ferrer, and
many other family and friends gathered to celebrate the success of ARYA Cleaners as
it continues to grow and serve this community for over 35 years. “It is a great honor for
me to have become a part of the fabric, no pun intended, of the City of Chula Vista”
said Sassan Rahimzadeh as he reflected on the new milestone. To officiate the traditional
ribbon cutting ceremony, former City of Chula Vista City Attorney, Glen Googins,
addressed the guests with an emotional speech that highlighted the commitment of
ARYA Cleaners to sustainability and community engagement. “…Sassan has always
led the way as Chula Vista has strived to promote environmentally friendly business
models. He was instrumental on the Chula Vista Sustainability Commission that
spearheaded this effort in 2010 with the city’s CLEAN business program, and has
continued his leadership with efforts such as the upgrades applied to this store that we
celebrate today…” said Googins.

ARYA Cleaners has always been leading the way in service, environmental
sustainability, and social responsibility and has played a key role via its various
engagements with Chula Vista sponsored environmental programs as well as its Coats
for Kids donation drive during the holiday seasons. During the ribbon cutting event,
Rahimzadeh announced the upcoming launch of their Dress for Success Initiative
where ARYA will amplify its efforts to help folks be best prepared for their job
interviews. While ARYA already provides free dry cleaning services for anyone who
needs an outfit cleaned for a job interview, the new initiative builds on this foundation
by partnering with other local clothing stores to provide professional attire for anyone
that needs it. Details of this new initiative will be shared this fall as it gets launched.
For over 36 years, ARYA Cleaners has been a name synonymous with fashion
consciousness, value based professionalism, environmental leadership and social
responsibility. With its continued commitment to all these virtues, it is no surprise that
they have become a household name in our home town.