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Mainline Insurance is an independent insurance agency that specializes in finding affordable insurance for contractors and small businesses. Here are some of our fantastic team:

Ramses G. Hernandez
Ramses was born, raised and still resides in Chula Vista with his wife Elvia and three children. Ramses has spent the last 10 years at Mainline with a focus on bringing insurance solutions to our local business owners. In his spare time, he enjoys discovering new places to eat, especially on Sundays after church services. Those searches will stretch from San Diego to the culinary region of the Valle de Guadalupe. Ramses is a Middle School Growth Group Leader for his local church in Eastlake. He’s a great contact to reach out to if you’d like to have your middle school or high school boy get plugged into a faith-based group of peers.

Ralph Rivera
Born and raised in San Diego, Ralph resides in Chula Vista, is happily married to Tricia Rivera and is a proud father to Cole and Cadence. Ralph has been in the insurance industry for 19 years. His experience started at a local home and auto insurance agency. He then moved to an agency who focused specifically on business insurance and found this to be his home in the insurance world.

Coming from a family of self-started business owners, Ralph identifies with the small business owner and their daily challenges to create successful enterprises. His passion is to help connect business owners with valuable solutions to these challenges and create opportunities for them to thrive. In his free time, you can find Ralph at his son’s little league (Chula Vista American) where he coaches and serves as a board member.

Janine Mendoza
Janine was born and raised in Sacramento, where her insurance career began. Obtaining her insurance license in 2001, Janine has almost 20 years’ experience in all aspects of the industry, eventually settling in San Diego where she found Mainline. She has specialized in commercial insurance since 2007 and continues to broaden her expertise by providing excellent service and product knowledge to new and existing clients.

Most of Janine’s spare time is spent in the kitchen cooking and creating; she’s famous locally for her homemade treats and dinner parties. She has been reaching out to working moms through her social and professional circles, showing them how to prepare quick, fresh and healthy meals without breaking the bank. Her instruction has helped many with the daily struggle of meal preparation, and she continues to¬†support her community through volunteering at local school lunchrooms by serving and prepping student meals.

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