Chula Vista Approves 90-Day Economic Recovery Plan


Plan provides support to local businesses to strengthen local economy
In an effort to assist local businesses, the Chula Vista City Council approved a 90-Day Economic Recovery Plan to address the economic challenges brought about by the COVID-19 crisis. The plan includes a focused recovery program for small businesses with direct financial and technical assistance, marketing and promotion for small businesses, and numerous revisions to City policies and programs to remove barriers for businesses looking to reopen or relocate in Chula Vista.

The plan includes innovative solutions including the use of Smart City Technology to support small businesses with marketing and reaffirms the City’s commitment to key economic development projects such as the Chula Vista Bayfront, Millenia Office Development, and the University-Innovation District. The first 90-day period of the Economic Recovery Plan’s implementation is May 5 – August 3, 2020 and the plan will be updated quarterly throughout the community’s economic recovery.

“City Council action puts in place an aggressive 90-day recovery plan with the goal to get our Chula Vista businesses back in business safely and as soon as possible,” said Chula Vista Deputy City Manager Eric Crockett. “Our goal is to provide help with any ‘red tape,’ enhanced resources, and commitment from the City to help our businesses open up.”
The City’s Economic Development Department has been actively assisting local businesses throughout the COVID-19 crisis to understand what funding opportunities are available to them and advising how to navigate the nuances of the funding process.

More details and the new plan can be found at Business owners with questions on the plan or resources available to them can contact city staff at