Chula Vista Files Criminal Complaints for Illegal Marijuana Dispensaries


The newly formed Neighborhood Protection Unit (NPU) in the City of Chula Vista has filed its first criminal complaints for illegal marijuana dispensary operations. The complaints filed arise from search warrants recently executed at two illegal marijuana dispensaries that had been operating at 3521 Main Street and 3444 Main Street in Chula Vista. These dispensaries are now closed. In total, six defendants are being charged with multiple misdemeanor offenses.

“The NPU’s initial focus is to shut down all unlicensed marijuana businesses operating illegally within the City, and to criminally prosecute all those involved,” said Chula Vista City Attorney Glen Googins. “These unlicensed dispensaries are operating in open violation of State and City laws and create serious public health and safety risks to the community.”

Ultimately, it is the City’s intent that NPU prosecution efforts and diversion programs will help address other issues of crime and disorder adversely affecting the quality of life in Chula Vista neighborhoods. The NPU’s Criminal Prosecutor is funded by Measure A, a voter-approved, half-cent sales tax dedicated to enhance public safety throughout the City.

The City also is in the process of permitting licensed commercial cannabis operations including retail, manufacturing, research and testing facilities. The City anticipates the first licensed commercial businesses will be open in 2020.