Chula Vista Requires Face Coverings at Essential Businesses

Chula Vista City Hall

In an effort to stop the spread of COVID-19 and to help keep our residents and businesses safe, the City of Chula Vista announced the implementation of mandatory face coverings while at essential businesses. Residents are now required to wear a face covering when visiting any essential business (banks, grocery stores, gas stations, auto repair businesses, etc.) including if you are standing in line to enter an essential business.

It also is highly recommended to wear a face covering anytime outside of the home such as walking or exercising in the neighborhood, or walking the dog. Face coverings are recommended for everyone over the age of two. The six-foot social distancing rule is still in effect when out of the home. In addition, the City wants to remind residents to stay home except for essential activities, and that no gatherings of any size are permitted. Interaction should be only with those in the immediate household.

Businesses in Chula Vista are required to have all employees who may have contact with members of the public or are handling/preparing food to wear face coverings. All essential businesses must observe social distancing requirements and post social distancing and sanitation protocols at the entrance of their business.

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