Chula Vista Zero Waste Plan Approved by City Council

Chula Vista City Hall

The Chula Vista City Council approved the Waste Reduction Strategic Plan, also known as the Zero Waste Plan, at the March 1, 2022, city council meeting. Creating a Zero Waste Plan was recommended in the City’s 2017 Climate Action Plan (CAP). The Plan follows Zero Waste best practices by considering “People, Planet, and Prosperity” as the “triple bottom line” to achieve social, environmental and economic sustainability and a green local economy and community.

By building upon Chula Vista’s legacy of leadership in sustainability, the CAP serves as the basis for detailed and measurable Zero Waste Plan Strategies and Actions. The approved Plan contains six key tasks and strategies that recommend 39 specific approaches with coordinated short-term, medium-term and long-term actions to reduce, reuse, recycle and further divert resources from being buried in the Otay Landfill. The Plan informs residents and businesses that, in the past, waste has been considered a natural and unavoidable by-product to be discarded. Now these materials are recognized as valuable
“resources” available for new uses.

Zero Waste planning and implementation focuses on three proven objectives. First, reduce the volume and toxicity of waste by eliminating them in the first place. Second, use materials and products for their original intended uses and then reuse then for other uses before recycling. Third, recycle or compost all remaining materials to their highest and best use after they have been reduced and reused as much as possible.


The approved Zero Waste Plan is available at For more information, please contact Environmental Services via email or call (619) 691-5122.