Day of the Dead is not the Mexican version of Halloween-Part 2 “La Catrina”


La Catrina

By Lulú Acosta

La Catrina is one of the most recognizable and beautiful symbols of the Day of the Dead celebration in Mexico.  She is the tall and elegant female skeleton wearing a fancy hat with feathers and a beautiful dress. Underneath all the stylish clothing, she is just a smiling skeleton.  You may have seen her in various contexts because the striking and unique makeup has become very trendy on Halloween and November 1st and 2nd which is Day of the Dead.  Her story runs deep in Mexican traditions and roots.  She is a beautiful woman from the turn of the century in Mexico City.  Mexican artist José Guadalupe Posada created the skeletons as a reminder that we all end up the same way, bones.  Even if you have status and money, we all face death one day.  She is a strong figure and reminds us to be happy even when your loved ones have passed on to the afterlife.  Recently women from all over have used her style and grace to create amazing Catrina creations for this day.  I am an Independent Beauty Consultant at Mary Kay and we especially love to create original Catrina looks to celebrate.  Every year we get together and have a makeup party and come up with some beautiful designs all using Mary Kay makeup.  Some of them are quite complicated and can take hours until the total effect is made.   I am proud of my Mexican heritage and so happy to share this with our readers.  If you would like some Catrina makeup  tips or help with our beauty products please contact me at 619-647-6282.  You can even download a free Mary Kay Skin Analyzer App (for iphones).  Once you have the results, I can guide you through each product recommendation and explain all the benefits.  Please find me at: