Kindness Never Tasted So Good

The world is currently undergoing history in the making. There is uncertainty in our communities and in a time when it seems like it’s every man for himself there are still people who would rather serve their community. Victor Lopez is one of those people.

Victor is the owner of the well-known restaurants El Pollo Grill around the Chula Vista and Bonita areas. What started as a hole-in-the-wall restaurant has now grown into a loving community favorite. He is known by his peers to be a selfless member in his community and with the recent changes in our world he has stepped up yet again to prove this.

With the recent spread of the virus known as COVID-19, counties around the United States have taken extra precautions to help reduce the number of cases. One of these precautions is to limit restaurants and many food services to stop ‘dine-in’ services and solely rely on pick-up orders or delivery.

Instead of closing down or cutting his employees’ hours, Victor decided to help. His restaurants began offering free food and free delivery to older citizens who could not leave their homes. El Pollo Grill is also donating food to the homeless.



He announced this service via the Facebook page named “Eastlake Food To Go” where community members share restaurants that offer food delivery. On this page is also where Victor found a fellow community member named Tony Castro. Castro had shared on the page that he had recently lost his job due to COVID-19. Victor saw the post and immediately offered a delivery job to Castro.

Hiring more staff and donating tons of food has hit Victor’s business hard, but he plans on moving forward and will always continue to help his community. Almost every day he posts on the Facebook page about new specials for family meals and provides discounts for people in the medical field and first responders.

Providing these services is not the first time Victor has used his businesses to help his community. About 2 years ago Bonita was struck by a tragedy. A citizen of the community was sadly stabbed in his car in a random act of violence. Victor decided to create a fundraiser for the victim’s family and held it at his Bonita location. The fundraiser has been posted on Facebook and that is when community members began realizing the great deeds Victor has accomplished.

This is not the only fundraising El Pollo Grill has done. They are also known for constantly holding fundraisers for the Eastlake High School Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) and other PTSAs around the city.

Victor is a prime example of how the community must help one another in a time of need. Help those who are less fortunate even if it means having to sacrifice some things yourself. Especially faced with a pandemic that had drastically affected everyday life it is now more than ever that we must take care of one another.