Local Singer Makes Her Debut


Maria San Roman was born in San Diego, California. She attended Eastlake Elementary, Eastlake Middle and Eastlake High School and currently studies at San Diego State University.

Ever since she was little, she has composed her own lyrics accompanied by her own melodies. During the rough school days of her teenage years Maria found that music was always there for her. In the same way, Maria wants her music to always be there as a companion for anyone who needs it. Maria started pursuing music as a career only a few years ago, and ever since she decided to make it her lifework. Over the past year she’s released two singles, “Paradise” and “One for Me.”

As a singer and songwriter, Maria’s music has the power to transport us to another time and place. Her first EP will be called Romanticization, with two of the songs on that EP already out on all music platforms. Maria writes about love, lies, heartaches, illusions and disillusions using metaphors and imagery to paint vivid images of her feelings and life stories. Her art and emotions are universally felt, making her music unique yet relatable to anyone.

She wrote her first single, “Paradise” completely alone about an illusion of love. https://youtu.be/yjKXpLs8Iwc Her second single “One for me” explores themes such as sexism patriarchy and feminism in subliminal dance-ready tones. The video for “Paradise” will be released in the month of July. Subscribe to her YouTube channel to be the first to get notified. “ She is diligent, passionate, and engaging – truly a pleasure” … “From the start, I was impressed, not only with her skills, but also with her leadership in the studio, ability to analyze and communicate her ideas verbally and visually, and her determination to see her projects realized to the end.” states Professor Junichi Satoh from SDSU.

This video would not have been possible without the persistence and desire for Music. Maria turned her vision Paradise from a musical work to a cinematic montage and giving it a new life.