Man of the Year – Kevin Marshall

Man of the Year - Kevin Marshall

In my professional career I’ve lived in 4 different cities and in everyone I made it a point to network with other business professionals. Moving to Chula Vista in 2004 I thought I knew what business networking was, that is until I met Kevin Marshall. Kevin is more than a master in business networking, he’s a business advocate, philanthropist, and mentor.

I met Kevin around 2005 at a chamber mixer. He was friendly, engaging, and truly cared about people. Over time we’ve became good friends. In addition to our friendship, he also became my mentor. He may not have realized it because we never had a formal arrangement, however he has taught me so much about what it takes to be a successful business owner, and believe me, he knows.

I have not met anyone who has invested more of their time, talent, and treasures in helping Chula Vista and Bonita businesses grow. For those of you who know Kevin, I’m sure you’ll agree. If you have not had the opportunity to meet him, it’s only a matter of time. You’ll see him at just about every social event, non-profit fundraiser, and business gala. His life story is what movies are made of.

-Michael Monaco

Community General Manager Our Hometown Newsprint



“Becoming a Hunter of Blessings”

Kevin Marshall is a firm believer in the power of blessings, and it is this motto that guides his life. Originally from Boston, Massachusetts, Kevin relocated to Chula Vista, California at a young age and became the twelfth child in his new “Brady Bunch” family. Adjusting to a new home, state, and the influence of a Master Chief in the US Navy proved to be a hidden blessing in his life.

Today, Kevin serves as the President and Co-Founder of Copy Link, a thriving office equipment company located in Chula Vista, California. Alongside his high school sweetheart and wife, Kimberley, they are celebrating 34 years of marriage and are proud parents to three amazing children and one granddaughter.

Driven by his passion for business and community, Kevin has made significant contributions as a Founding Member of the Select Dealer Group, Past Board Chair for the YMCA, and Past President of the Chula Vista Chamber of Commerce. He also serves on the SWC Foundation Board, collaborating with remarkable individuals within his community, shaping Kevin both personally and professionally.

Throughout his life, Kevin has faced transformative experiences, including seeing his children leave for college and embark on their own journeys, supporting his wife during her health battles, and mourning the loss of his mother. These challenges have ignited a renewed zest for life within him and revealed the hidden blessings that arise from difficult times.

Kevin’s optimistic perspective and unwavering passion for helping others have been described as a breath of fresh air. His mission is to inspire, empower, and motivate people to recognize the blessings in life and unlock their full potential.

-Kevin Marshall’s Bio

President Copy Link


I have had the true honor of watching my high school sweetheart develop into an amazing partner, father, mentor, and community leader. His passion for people and business is reflected in his service to our community and the success of our business Copy Link.  His superpower is his ability to look beyond the exterior and instead to the potential of a person. He speaks to who they can be, not necessarily where they are, which makes him an amazing mentor and coach.  Show up is his mantra and become a hunter of blessings is his motto. Our community is truly blessed.  If you don’t know him, you need to. He’s amazing!

-Kimberley Marshall

Left to right: Kimberley, Kevin, Courtnie, Kevin, Devin, Katie

I don’t think there would be a single person who knows my dad who would be surprised at seeing him chosen as Man of the Year. My dad is the business owner who orders pies for his clients at the holidays, he doesn’t show up empty handed anywhere he goes, he hides arrows at family reunions just to watch the kids light up when they find one, he’s the dad who asked me if I wanted him to walk in the pride parade with me after coming out to my family. There is nothing he wouldn’t do to put a smile on someone’s face. He’s kind, selfless, funny, generous, and my biggest fan. I love you pops, so proud, but not one bit surprised.

-Devin Marshall


Kevin’s passion and love that he has had for our family, community, and business has brought pure joy to so many people around him. I have always been inspired by his tenacity and his ability to overcome challenges. His genuine commitment to his family, employees, and community is unmatched, and we are so proud of him! Congratulations, Papa, on this incredible achievement!

-Katie Hempen Marshall


My dad is someone who came from very little money and a very poor education but a whole lot of love. This has guided and inspired him to create better opportunities for those around him. He is so passionate about giving to others and showing up for those around him. He spends more time working towards and thinking about a better future for our community than anyone I know. He is just as passionate about raising funds for the YMCA as he is about making the next sale at work. If you have not met him yet, I’m sure you will because he will strike up a conversation with anyone and everyone because he just loves people!

-Courtnie Marshall


My Father is a man of great wisdom and a loving heart. He is passionate and never gives up, he works hard, and follows his dreams. He gave me my good looks and my loving heart (my mother too). He has taught me many valuable lessons such as how to be a leader, owning up to my own mistakes, not to be anybody’s fool, to always take care of my mother and family and to respect and love others. He has also taught me not to take life so seriously and don’t stress too much. I am so proud of my dad. He has built a great business and an even greater family. He is one of the most generous people I know, and he absolutely deserves to be Man of the Year.

-Kevin J. Marshall


Kevin Marshall, a true epitome of excellence and integrity, has been named the Man of the Year for his outstanding contributions and remarkable accomplishments. Throughout his life, Kevin has demonstrated unwavering commitment to his community, exceptional leadership qualities, and a genuine desire to make a positive impact in the lives of others.

Kevin has selflessly dedicated himself to numerous charitable causes, such as the YMCA.  He has tirelessly worked to uplift those in need. His compassion knows no bounds, as he has consistently shown a willingness to go above and beyond to alleviate suffering and create opportunities for the less fortunate.

Beyond his philanthropic endeavors, Kevin is a natural-born leader. His ability to inspire and motivate others is unparalleled. Whether it’s in the boardroom, community organizations, or even within his own family, Kevin leads by example, embodying the values of honesty, perseverance, and respect.

In all aspects of his life, Kevin Marshall exemplifies the qualities of an extraordinary individual. One of my favorite memories of Kevin occurred when he received recognition from Chula Vista’s Chamber of Commerce.  I remembered the proud smile of his now departed mother, as he received his award.  Despite the hardships of bringing up a child in a challenging part of Boston, she saw her son being embraced by his business community.  Now there is an angel in heaven with the same proud smile because her son is being recognized again.  Kevin is being named “Man of the Year”, a title he has undoubtedly earned through his exceptional character and remarkable contributions to society.

-Francisco Escobedo, Ed.D. Executive Director

National Center for Urban School Transformation (NCUST)





Kevin Marshall has established himself as a remarkable figure in the community and has made a significant impact through his involvement as a long-time board member of the South Bay Family YMCA in Chula Vista.

Kevin’s commitment to the YMCA stems from his deep-rooted belief in the power of community and the positive influence it can have on individuals. As the current chairman of the board, he has made a profound impact on the non-profit over the years, personally raising over $102,000 to give every individual the Y experience, regardless of their ability to pay.

“Kevin has a warm and welcoming presence that lights up the room,” said Laura Munoz Humphreys, Regional Executive Director for the YMCA of San Diego County. “He has a natural ability to connect people and genuine love of humanity. He is a great leader, mentor, and friend.”

Through his involvement with the South Bay Family YMCA, Kevin has demonstrated an unwavering dedication to the Y’s mission of fostering positive youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility. As a parent of youth in Y programs, he felt the positive impact the programs had on his children.  As the President & CEO of Copy Link, he has also played a leadership role in cultivating a culture of giving and philanthropy in the local business community.

Kevin’s passion, leadership, and ability to rally support have made a profound difference, and his continued dedication to making a positive impact is an inspiration to all.

Laura Humphreys

-Laura Munoz Humphreys, Regional Executive Director

Border View Family YMCA & South Bay Family YMCA






Honesty, dedication and commitment to family and community are some of the characteristics that come to mind when recognizing Kevin Marshall.  He moved to Southern California at age 12.  Kevin married his high school sweetheart Kimberly, raised three children and is a proud grandpa.  In 1990, he began a 30-year career as President and Owner of Copy Link, Inc. Kevin is passionate about business and his community, so much so, that his description of the mission of Copy Link is “Simply searching for businesses who need help and are committed to solving their problems. We drive strategic initiatives and cost saving for technology.”

Kevin has been a Business Technology Association member since 1995.  He became a founding member of BTA’s Select Dealer Group (SDG), board chair for the South Bay Family YMCA and President of the Chula Vista Chamber of Commerce.  BTA recognized his optimistic point of view and passion to help others, inspiring, empowering and motivating people to see the blessings in life and reach their potential

During Kevin’s year as President of the Chula Vista Chamber of Commerce in 2016, Kevin was sincere in thanking members for their vital roles in Chula Vista’s business community.  He was accustomed to supporting others and contagious in spreading the word about building strong relationships.

These are among the Chamber’s accomplishments during Kevin’s Chamber presidency:

  • Launched a new website for the Chamber;
  • Increased Chamber membership by 93 new members;
  • Created and implemented a five-year strategic plan;
  • Held 24 grand opening ribbon cuttings and several Monthly Mixers;
  • Hosted an Annual Trade Show for Chamber members to present products and services;
  • Hosted an Information Forum for Measure P, a half percent sales tax increase to support city services and infrastructure supported by voters and a Candidate Forum at Southwestern College for Chula Vista City Council candidates running in Council Districts 3 and 4;
  • Showcased accomplishments of the Millenia Project and Chesnut Properties in the State of the Chamber Address; and
  • Participated in The San Diego Regional Jobs Strategy, an unprecedented coalition led by the San Diego Regional Chamber Foundation.

During Kevin’s year as President of the South Bay Family YMCA, the Y’s annual fundraising campaign raised over $400,000, led by Kevin.  Consistently as one of the top fundraisers for several years, Kevin advocated the Y’s presence on Chula Vista Elementary School District campuses with before- and after-school programs.  His leadership was integral to helping grow and strengthen the Y’s Board of Advisors.

It has been our honor to work with Kevin over the years, to know he is truly an outstanding member of our community and to wish him the best in the years to come.

Greg Cox

-Greg Cox, Former Mayor of Chula Vista and County of San Diego Board Supervisor District 1




Former Mayor Cheryl Cox

-Cheryl Cox, Former Mayor of Chula Vista






Who or what inspires you?  If you’re like me, I draw inspiration from many things and many people.  A task or need might inspire me.  An individual or group might inspire me.  True leaders are an inspiration for me.  To me, a leader is honest, humble, caring, selfless, and follows through on commitments.  This is my friend, Kevin Marshall.  If you know Kevin, you understand why he inspires me to be a better person, leader, and friend.  I asked my husband how he would describe Kevin and Eric said, “Kevin is a compassionate, community leader who you know cares about others.  He is straightforward and sincere, always.”  That is Kevin for sure.  Kevin is never afraid to ask a question and always strives to learn details about people and situations.  During a recent conversation about mentoring young people, Kevin and I discussed the importance of eye contact, a solid handshake, and writing thank you notes.  A keen and highly successful businessperson, Kevin gets the basics, remembers his roots, and practices what he articulates.  As Eric said, “straightforward and sincere.”  There are few people in one’s life who you know you can always count on, especially when things are tough.  Kevin is that person for me and others.  Kev has a fun side too.  We share a love of good whiskey, great conversation, and a nod to good humor.  Our community is a better place because Kevin lives and works here.  If you don’t know Kevin yet, reach out…there is nothing he likes more than making new friends.

Lisa Johnson with Kevin

-Lisa Johnson

President / CEO NTC Foundation






“I have had the privilege of knowing Kevin Marshall for more than four decades, and throughout this time, he has consistently exemplified exceptional qualities. Kevin possesses a remarkable intellect, genuine compassion, and an unwavering drive, which have contributed to his tremendous success. However, Kevin’s definition of success extends beyond mere financial achievements or societal recognition; his greatest accomplishments lie in his profound impact on his family and community. To Kevin, business is not merely a means to personal gain, but a powerful tool that enables him to fulfill his true mission of serving others. His dedication has touched countless lives, from his own loved ones to friends, employees, and the wider community. Kevin’s unwavering commitment to changing the world one person at a time is truly inspirational. I am sincerely grateful to have the privilege of knowing Kevin and for the endless inspiration he has provided me throughout the years. His positive influence has touched the lives of thousands, offering invaluable guidance, support, and positivity. Kevin’s consistent efforts truly make a difference each and every day. Thank you, Kevin, and congratulations on being rightfully recognized as the Man of the Year. This honor is a testament to your remarkable character and accomplishments.”

David Polansky

-David Polansky

General Manager, Copy Link




Loosely translated from its Spanish origin, “Kevin Marshall” means Mr. Chula Vista in English. Amazingly, the Irish translation of “Kevin Marshall” means Brave in English. And from German, we get “Kevin Marshall” to mean Brilliant in English.

And there are a few other variations, like in French, Kevin Marshall means Very Savvy. From Japanese, it means “Reliable, Reliable, Reliable!” But perhaps the most accurate translation of “Kevin Marshall” comes from its Persian variation which means “The Best and Most Incredible Friend and Brother One Can Ever Have”.

So, if you are ever so lucky to notice the words “Kevin” and “Marshall” together, you should know that you are about to meet one of the most compassionate humans anywhere. In all sincerity, there are not enough words to describe Kevin’s genuine love for his family and community. His thoughtful and intentional ways of living his life to its fullest is what makes him a man above most.

To my brother Kevin, you know that your impact on the lives of your BTC brethren is indelible. You always lead by example as the true lover of love itself. We honor you today and wish you the best that life has to offer. With tremendous love and gratitude.

-Sassan Rahimzadeh

President, Arya Cleaners

Kevin, Sassan & Glen on a hike

Pretty much everyone who knows Kevin Marshall thinks he’s “great” and makes a big fuss over him.  I’ve even heard people call him “Mr. Chula Vista”—and he doesn’t even LIVE in Chula Vista!  Contrary to popular opinion, here are 4 things I hate about Kevin Marshall:

  1. He’s smarter than me. This one really gets me.  On paper, I should be WAY smarter than him.  In reality, not even close.  Kevin understands things about business, society, human behavior, happiness—even beekeeping for god’s sake!—that I can barely fathom.  I might beat him at Trivial Pursuit, but I’d go to Kevin for advice on something that really mattered before almost anyone.  And now he has Chat GPT!  Advantage Marshall.
  2. He asks too many questions. This can be more than a little annoying.  To make matters worse, I think he really cares what other people think!  He also knows the right questions to ask.  This is completely out of step with the current practice among many “prominent’ people who are overly confident and lack curiosity.  Get with it Kevin!
  3. He’s sincere. How about a little cynicism Ted Lasso!  How about piling on every now and then when someone does something stupid!  Must you always take the high road!
  4. He’s ridiculously humble. Kevin doesn’t buy into any of this.  He’ll be the first to tell you he comes from “humble origins” and that he’s been blessed with good fortune and good people in his life.  Kimberley for sure.  And his wonderful kids.  His humility is boundless, and sincere.  (See item 4, above.)

IN CONCLUSION:  While there are 4 things I hate about him (there are more, but Michael Monaco wisely imposed a word limit) Kevin Marshall is pretty much the best person any of us will ever meet.  He ends up being the heart and soul of anything he leans into.  And he leans into a lot of good things.  Thank God for that. Thank God for people like Kevin Marshall

Glen Googins

Former Chula Vista City Attorney and newly appointed Santa Clara City Attorney