Neisha’s Dance & Music Academy offering Virtual Classes

Neisha Hernandez

Artists are known for thinking on their feet and being adaptable, so it’s no surprise the students of Neisha’s Dance & Music Academy (ND&MA) are making good use of their time at home with continued dance and music training.  To keep kids active, engaged and connected, all 250 weekly classes at ND&MA are still live and the teachers are providing feedback and corrections so students can continue progressing, staying in shape, and working towards their personal goals.

Keeping kids active is more important now than ever and virtual dance and music classes fill that need.  During this time when kids are bored or mindlessly staring into their devices, participating in the arts stimulates both the brain and the body!  Kids who are actively building strength, flexibility, and coordination are also building a healthy immune system.

The current goal at ND&MA is to keep kids engaged and connected to community.  When classmates log in to their live online class, kids get a chance to say hello and interact with their friends and teachers.  Members also receive extra Free Pop Up classes, storytime, contests, and more.  As always, the whole team at ND&MA are working tirelessly to Encourage Kids to Lead Inspired Lives.

Want to try a class for your kiddo?  ND&MA has reopened enrollment to new students during this season.  Call 619.585.1133 or visit and get healthy, encouraged, engaged, and inspired!