OnStage Playhouse Presents Real Women Have Curves – Postponed


Set in a tiny sewing factory in East L.A., this is the touching and funny story of five full-figured Mexican-American women who are racing to meet nearly impossible production deadlines in order to keep their tiny factory from going under. While they work, they must+ hide from the INS (Immigration and Naturalization Service), they talk… about their husbands and lovers, their children, their dreams for the future.

The story is told from the point of view of Ana, the youngest among them. Just graduated from high school, Ana dreams of getting out of the barrio and going off to college and becoming a famous writer. Although she needs the money, Ana doesn’t like working at the factory and has little respect for the coworkers, who make fun of her ambitions and what they consider her idealistic feminist philosophies. However, Ana keeps coming to her job and chronicling her experiences in a journal. As the summer unfolds, she slowly gains an understanding and appreciation of the work and the women, eventually writing an essay that wins her a journalism fellowship which will take her to New York City.

This play, a microcosm of the Latina immigrant experience, celebrates real women’s bodies, the power of women, and the incredible bond that happens when women work together.

Written by Josefina López. Directed by Bryant Hernandez. Featuring:Lorena Diaz as Carmen, Melanie Mendoza as Ana, Christina Murguia as Estela, Sandra Ruiz as Rosali and Vanessa Lopez as Pancha.

Special Note: Due to concerns over COVID-19 all shows have been postponed. For more information go to OnStage Playhouse website: ospprogram@gmail.com

Get to know these wonderful women and their rolls: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SHCFT4KSKmQ&authuser=0


Lorena Diaz as Carmen
Melanie Mendoza as Ana
Christina Murgia as Estela








Vanessa Lopez as Pancha
Sandra Ruiz as Rosali








Photo Credit for Headshots: Daren Scott