Rotary Above Beyond Dallas


Dallas Campbell demonstrates exemplary professional practice through collaboration, skilled communication, resource stewardship, accountability, and life-long learning and caring. Aside from being an Advanced Clinician, Dallas functions as a Rapid Response Nurse, relief charge nurse, preceptor and helps in training experienced nurses on highly specialized skills such as manual proning, use of Rotoprone® bed for lung recruitment, therapeutic hypothermia, Intra Aortic Baloon Pump, Impella and nurse initiated Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy.

As an Rapid Response nurse, he is appreciated and respected by the Acute Care and Progressive Care Unit staff due to his willingness to help especially with IV and feeding tube insertions and his utmost professionalism when assisting nurses at the bedside. He is a highly trained cardio-thoracic surgery nurse who works with the sickest patients in the hospital that require advanced cardio-thoracic life support. Dallas is currently the Chair of the Cardiac Surgery Clinical Excellence Team which provides a systematic framework to support, evaluate and improve patient care delivered to cardiac surgery patients. Furthermore, he represents Sharp Chula Vista on the Systemwide Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) team designed to reduce peri-operative stress, maintain post-operative physiological function, and accelerate recovery after surgery.

Additionally, he efficiently and successfully led one of the Sharp Chula Vista extracorporeal
memberane oxygenation (ECMO) drills in collaboration with the Centralized Patient Placement Team and Sharp Grossmont as the receiving hospital. He is an active member of the Unit Based Practice Council and has led the team in achieving their goals to reduce hospital-acquired infections and improve employee satisfaction and retention. He is an
active member of the New Knowledge and Innovation Council and was unanimously voted by his peers as January 2023 Employee of the Month.

The exceptional care that nurses provide to patients and families continue to inspire me every day. Congratulations again to all the nurses who continue to exemplify nursing excellence.