Second Round is Sure to be a Knockout

Photo Credit: Photo by Elsa

By: Michael Monaco

Photo Credit: Photo by Elsa

On Thursday morning December 17th over 30 friends surprised John Carroll with a special send off as he starts his second round of chemotherapy for cancer. We first wrote about John’s journey in our October 2019 issue ” Fighting Cancer with Gratitude”. It was late September 2018 when he received the call from his physician about a tumor that was later diagnosed as Stage 3 Rectal Cancer.

Anyone who knows John Carroll will tell you that he is a fighter in every sense of he word, and that’s just what he did. After a grueling schedule of chemotherapy and a successful surgery it looked like they got everything. Sadly that wasn’t the case and John is back in the fight.

Photo Credit: Photo by Elsa

I was present on that Thursday morning as John departed to the hospital. What I witnessed was humility and appreciation from John, and an overwhelming amount of support from his friends. Please take time to read the article Michael Minjares so wonderfully wrote in our October 2019 issue.


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This Holiday season take time to tell the ones you love how important they are and please pray for John and his family.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.