Sweetwater Authority Awards Grant to Promote Water Efficiency and Education


Chula Vista, CA – On Wednesday, September 9, the Sweetwater Authority (Authority)
Governing Board received a presentation from A Reason To Survive (ARTS) on how grant
funding from the Authority will be used to educate the community on water issues.
In May of 2019, the Authority awarded a Water Efficiency Education Program Grant
(WEEP Grant) to ARTS for their A Avenue Mosaic Wall (Mosaic Wall). The $5,000 grant
provided funding for signage to accompany the Mosaic Wall.

The Mosaic Wall was created in 2015 by a group of artists and students. The 300-foot
wall is located alongside Kimball Park. Along with showing off the artistic talents of the
community, the wall also showcases the history of the area’s ecosystem and watershed.
The signage showcases information on the watershed and recognizes the volunteers
and community collaboration that helped in creating this masterpiece in National City.
To learn more about the Authority’s commitment to water efficiency education,
including information on a variety of rebates, details on grant opportunities and more
visit www.sweetwater.org/waterefficiency.

Sweetwater Authority is a public water agency providing safe, reliable water to National
City, Chula Vista and Bonita